Our Journey

About our rescues:

​Is it cliche to say we love them all? We rescue from all breeds and look to transport family friendly animals with no aggression or life debilitating illness. 

If an animal arrives hurt or ill we take immediate action to make sure the well being of our injured friend working with a local vet for optimal wellness. 

Rest assured that each animal will be given twenty-four hour care with fresh water and food and enjoy comfortable, temperature controlled accommodations. The fur – babies also receive flea, tick and heart worm preventatives during their stay at our facility. All precautions are taken with their health to make sure they stay healthy during their time with us and during the transition to their adoption facility.





                        Not All of them had a Happy Beginning ~ Meet Petra

Petra's collar had never been adjusted to meet her growing needs. It had actually become imbedded into her neck as she tried to live her life at the end of a chain. After rescuing her we were able to heal not just her neck wounds but also her lonely soul. Want to see Petra Enjoying life? Click on her picture! She loves to swim ~ 



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