A Happy Tail From Georgia

Georgia (formerly known as Cherub) has adjusted to her new home. She is a love bug who enjoys playing with her new toys and snuggling in her soft new bed.

She sleeps through the night with her elephant stuffed animal and in the morning is happy to greet us. She has had no accidents in her crate overnight! She is with her family all day and loves to sun bathe on the deck. Even though she is still only 10 pounds she has a terrific appetite.

She already knows to sit before being rewarded with a mini treat!

We love her! And, we are so glad we were able to adopt Georgia Girl that we contacted NEAS’ rescue partner, Southern Journey, to find out more about her. Here’s what they said:

“This is one of the 9 boxer puppies that were left in a cardboard box in a laundromat at 4 weeks of age. These guys and gals were in a mess when we got them…super skinny and very small because they did not have mom’s much needed milk. We kept them for about 6 weeks before we transported them up north. After about a week of puppy formula and wet food they started to thrive again. Then they started eating kibble and from then on the just blossomed. God protects all of his creatures and he definitely had his Shared from hand on these. We are so happy for them and we wish them the best lives.”

Shared From Neas.org Georgia’s Story

We would also love to share more Love Stories From Southern Journey in Georgia, you can read them here.

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