Pawsitively Sadie's Pet Travel Tips

Traveling with your Pet? Check out these tips from Sadie!

I love home and work with my people, and even though as pets we all love to go, we still want to feel the security of home whenever we travel!

Here’s my Top Tips of What to Pack for your Fur Babies like me:

How to travel with your pet, tips from Sadie.

I really like to have my blanket or a towel that I’ve slept on so it smells like home, and I don’t mind having my People’s T-shirt or a sock they’ve worn so it smells like them.

A collapsible water bowl is great for when we are in the car. They are so convenient and can be folded into a pocket or purse for easy carrying.

I prefer my food. Please bring enough for the whole trip so we are not caught in a situation where we have to switch to a different brand mid-trip as this always upsets my stomach…and ruins the trip.

Don’t forget my medicines and medical shot records.

And I am a girl so of course I like to accessorize. We may need other things, like my life jacket, or sweater, my protective boots, my pet sunscreen, hmm, I like all my toys so you will have to choose one or two for me for while we are waiting around, a towel for sitting on is always nice too… Just Think about your trip. If you need something extra, I may need it too!” Travel Safe My Friends! Love, Sadie

P.S. Don’t Forget My Favorite Bowl!

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