Warning! Don't Be A Loser, Get These Now!

Warning! You could be losing out not using Pet Apps! Check out our Lucky 13 Pet Apps available to Fur Mommas and Poppas and Share the Love with Friends and Family who have FurBabies too!
1) Pet First Aid

By: American Red Cross Price: Free Available: iOS & Android

If you have a fur baby then you should definitely have this app readily available. It’s loaded with information on emergency medical situations, first aid, general health issues, demonstration videos (including dog CPR), a section to store your fur baby’s information, follow-up quizzes, and lots of advice. I highly recommend this app. It’s a must-have!


By: 3 Sided Cube Price: Free Available: iOS & Android

From missing pets to natural disasters this app will prepare and guide you. It provides a section to record vital information pertaining to your fur baby’s health and any special needs he may have. This is another must-have app for pet parents.

3) Rover – Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers

By: Rover.com Price: Free Available: iOS & Android

Looking for a pet sitter? If so, this app is perfect for you! They have more than 50,000 pet sitters and dog walkers listed, advertising their services. On the app, you can connect with nearby sitters, pay them through the app, and get photo updates while you’re away. The platform offers insurance, 24/7 support, background checks, and a reservation guarantee.

4) BringFido – Pet-Friendly Hotels

By: BringFido Price: Free Available: iOS

This top pet travel app will assist you whether you are looking for a pet-friendly hotel, dog park, beach, or other attraction while on vacation. This is a great travel resource for you and your fur baby and its service is global.

5) PetCoach

By: Notorious Price: Free Available: iOS & Android

This free service allows you to find answers to your questions in their PetCoach Forum. Questions are answered by vets, trainers, and other pet professionals. Along with their app, they also have an extremely helpful website!

6) iClicker Training Clicker

By: Savvy Appz Price: Free Available: iOS

Training clickers are popular with a lot of trainers. This free electronic clicker can be a valuable tool for your training sessions too. If you choose to use this tool, make sure you read the directions and training tips before you begin.

But if You Prefer an actual Clicker Try This one!

7) My Pet Can Talk

By: Rongyan Xiao Price: Free Available: iOS

This app is purely for fun. Upload images or video of your pooch and make your pet talk. It will surely make you laugh. With well over 3,000 reviews on iTunes, most of which are 5-star, I would say this is a fun and entertaining app. For the best user experience, make sure to take advantage of the tutorial before diving right in.

8) Dog Sounds & Body Talk

By: iGreenEarth Price: Free Available: iOS & Android

This is another fun app! It has loads of options for fun and funny sounds — like dogs barking, squeaky toys, knocking, doorbells, clickers, and many more. Most are funny, but a few can be a bit scary (like the growling dog)! When I was playing with the app and I got to the dog whistle, it really did get my toy poodles attention. My dogs seemed to really get a kick out of this app. It’s definitely something fun to play around with.

9) Woof Rescue

By: Mark Wade Price: Free Available: iOS & Android

Excellent app if you are looking to adopt a fur baby. Coverage area includes the U.S. and Canada. As soon as I opened this app, before I knew it I was viewing pages of Rescue dogs within a short distance of my home. You just have to insert your zip code. The app has lots of info, pics, and slideshows. You can customize it for your personal specifics. Whether you are looking to adopt or not, you could still help these little guys possibly find a forever home by sharing their info on social media. The app offers an upgrade if you want to do even more specific searches. I didn’t do the upgrade.

10) iKibble Free

By: Llamaface Price/Available: Free Version iOS (can upgrade for .99¢) Android: .99¢ (I couldn’t find a free version on Android)

If you are ever unsure if a food is okay to feed to your fur baby, then check out this app. It gives you a comprehensive list of foods that have been rated as to whether or not they are safe for your dog to consume. It also provides a little summary about the food item and what it can/will do. You can search alphabetically or by category. The categories include: Vegetable, Healthy, Good, OK, Unhealthy, and Toxic. Good information to have at your fingertips!

11) Dog Vacay

By: Dog Vacay, Inc. Price: Free Available: iOS & Android

No more boarding kennels!!! This app allows you access to real people who pet sit in their own homes. Search by city for dog sitters or to have your dog boarded in a private home. There are over 25,000 sitters listed across the U.S and Canada. Simply enter your city or zip code. Included in your reservation is: premium pet insurance, 24/7 customer support, and they will send you a daily photo or video update. I was pleasantly surprised as I was exploring this app to find so many sitters listed near my home including a neighbor of mine who is known as our own “dog whisperer.” There is a very good FAQ section to check out if you want to learn more about Dog Vacay.

12) Dog Walk

By: Tractive Price: Free Available: iOS & Android

With so many people tracking their steps these days, this app is a great way to track your walk with your fur baby. It will track your route and log the distance and duration of your walk.

13) Paw Parks

By: Cindy Vannoy Price: Free Available: iOS

Looking for a dog park? This app will help you locate one. It even has an option for adding one, so if you happen to know of a dog park that’s not listed you can just add it yourself!

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