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Imagine this, you are a tiny, baby and you have just been thrown out on some road with nothing, but your 6 siblings. And, its pouring down rain and thundering. 😢

You try to run because you are terrified, your mom is nowhere to be found, you are all alone. 😢

You see lights coming in the cold, rain and freeze up not knowing what is coming. And, in a split second half of your siblings are gone 😭 they have been ran over by the lights. 💔

So, as more lights come you try to run and all of sudden the lights stop! Maybe they have come back to get us????  🤔

When you realize its someone else you get scared again, but you don't know what to do. Your short life has been turned upside down. 

They pick you up and your 2 other remaining siblings and take you inside of the lights, holding you tightly, where it is dry and warm. This has to be it...we are finally safe! 

The nice people let us stay with them as they called over 100 rescues and nobody has space, but thankfully the kind people at Southern Journey Animal Rescue & Transport, Inc. Said, YES! ❤️ We arrived to them today with open arms and lots of food and toys to play with. 

We are so happy but also in a lot of pain. Because, we are full of worms and we have severe demodex. They are going to take great care of us, I just know it. 🥰 But, they need your help 

🙏🏼 By making a donation today you are helping us get what we need to feel better and helping all of the others they help!!!! Please, Donate now!!!! 

Venmo: @SouthernJourneyRescue 

puppies in need of help

Why? Who? How could someone dump these babies in the middle of the woods to die?

But, God had other plans!!!! He sent his earthly angels in their path. Two of them were found close together by dirt bike riders and brought out of the woods safe. And, just a short drive away a family found the single pup.

Sadly, they were covered in maggots, fleas and are skin and bones

It just would have it that all 3 pups and Southern Journey would cross paths on facebook. Now, they have rescue. But, not without all of the angels that helped these babies along the way

As their journey begins they will need lots of care and love to grow big and strong. And, we are willing to put in the work to make that happen.

Can you help these 3 babies? Can you also be their angel if you can, they would be grateful for a tax-deductible donation

Venmo: @SouthernJourneyRescue

Thank you!!!!! Please, Share!!!!!

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